Amazon Keyword Tool

Be More Visible and Boost Sales on the World’s Most Popular Online Marketplace

Amazon Keyword Tool

If people are searching for a product like yours on Amazon, they either want to buy it or are thinking about buying it.

So, if you sell products on Amazon, you have the potential to draw the attention of millions of people to whatever you're selling.

How does Keyword Eye help you sell more on Amazon?

To sell, you need to be visible. And there is a major reason that rival products are more popular than yours on Amazon: their choice of keywords makes them more visible.

Visibility = sales. This is a simple fact. So the challenge is to make your products visible by using the right long tail keywords in your product titles and descriptions.

Here’s where Keyword Eye comes in!

Use our new Amazon Keyword Tool to find the most popular search term variations for products like yours.

When you enter a search term, this tool collects data related to your term(s) directly from Amazon’s internal search engine. This gives you a number of valuable keywords to choose from.

You can then use these keywords in your titles and descriptions to make you more visible and boost your sales on Amazon!

How do I use it?

Enter a keyword in the highlighted textbox, choose a relevant Amazon category and click 'Run Report'.


We'll go and fetch popular keywords in a matter of seconds. Sort by 'Word Count' descending to find long tail keywords.


Download keywords to a CSV file by clicking 'Download'.


Right click any keyword row to view keyword specific options and shortcuts to expand your keyword research and gather data from other sources.


Get access to the Amazon Keyword Tool today!

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