Google Autosuggest Keyword Tool

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Google Autosuggest Keyword Tool

As users type words into the Google search box, the search engine attempts to guess what they might be looking for. So each time someone enters a partial phrase, a drop-down box appears offering suggestions to complete the terms.

Google's suggestions are based on the number of searches for the specific long tail keywords, as well as those relevant to a user's location.

These keywords are larger than those found in our main keyword tool. They are also very up-to-date, which also means fewer content marketers have used them online. This in turn gives you precious, low-competition phrases for use in your content.

Some people use the tool manually to find the hundreds of keywords that the Autosuggest results contain. However this involves typing an incomplete phrase and making a list of all the results. For this reason, the process can be very long and arduous. Not anymore!

How does our Google Autosuggest Keyword Tool save you time and improve your SEO efforts?

When you use our tool, it types your query into the search engine and saves all of Google's suggestions.

This gives you hundreds of useful long tail keyword phrases to choose from quickly and easily. Base your content around these keywords and see your search engine ranking shoot up!

How do I use it?

Enter a keyword in the highlighted textbox, choose your settings and click 'Run Report'.


We'll go and fetch popular keywords in a matter of seconds. Click on the column header 'Word Count' if you wish to discover more long tail keywords.


Download keywords to a CSV file by clicking 'Download'.


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